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Effect Automation Pro eszközök, TC Electronic DVR250 NATIVE / DVR250-DT Digitális Vintage Reverb kézi Vezérlővel

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Rytmik incorporates 16 of these synthesizers. Drawable Waveform Synth — The wavetable synth enables users to draw short customized samples for unique results. Over Instrument Samples — drums, bass, percussion, guitars, strings, pianos, melodic instruments, synthetic instruments, pads, vocals, effects, and much more.

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In each clip there are four instruments, along with the note sequences assigned to them. Four clips can play simultaneously. Modulation Parameters — Every note in the Step Sequencer can determine the pitch and volume of the tone, and can additionally control up to three other parameters of the synthesizer. Selection of Sample Songs — Play, analyze, modify and enjoy!

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Sharing via Rytmik Cloud — Instantly share Rytmik songs with a community of users and gain access to thousands of other songs. With management tools and a range of permission settings, songs can be locked down or completely open, allowing for a creative world of musical exploration, solo remixing, group collaborations, and much more.

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Discover, play and rate songs all across the Rytmik Charts. Automation — Draw automation curves within songs that smoothly control instruments Effect Automation Pro eszközök effects.

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Instrument Presets — Play with an advanced synth! Choose from hundreds of named presets across multiple categories, and create all-new custom presets.

4 Ways to Automate Effects

Sidechain — A must-have tool, especially for contemporary dance and electronic music. Automatically muffle one sound with another such as a bass with a kick drum.

From short and simple sound you can create a long vibrant range, or simply deliver the drum width and space.

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The final output of the sound engine can be further adjusted by the equalizer. Dynamics is controlled by a limiter also works in multiband mode.

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Custom Samples — Rytmik Studio includes a generous number of samples, and also allows you to import new ones freely. Record vocals, instruments and other sources, and seamlessly add these samples into the custom library.